About Us

Our story

Our story is born from the simple need that arises for a life surrounded by products that embody the true essence of home living and comfort. Our founders explored the corners of the Earth in search for inspiration and human connection. This journey was the birth of Homeforia: A small family owned business that focused on creating furniture and home decor that embraces sustainability, ethical practices, and artisan employment.

Home is our sanctuary

In today’s era, our homes have become our sanctuary. Here, we evolve everyday into our next chapter in life; so the interaction with its interior design is vital to how we feel. Our bodies react to the warmth of the light, the touch of a texture, the comfort of a chair, even the sight of beauty can trigger an emotional sensation that keeps us balanced and joyful. This is why Homeforia evolved into the company that it is today—because, the world was greatly missing this essential component in home living.

Comfort life

At Homeforia, comfort living is in every furniture and home decor that we make. Our commitment to it goes beyond those who purchase, and into the people and places that make them. We’re committed to making sure our materials are organic, ecofriendly, and beneficial to the place where they are made. In every design and creation, there’s a team working to make the most extraordinary pieces for your home. At the end of the day, our goal is to enrich your home living from our hearts to your smile.

Mission Statement

We are devoted to creating one-of-a-kind pieces of home furniture and decor, that surpass the boundaries of sustainable handcrafted living.